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RecoverySuite provides virtual, evidence-based solutions for treating those facing depression and anxiety, substance abuse, or sexual compulsivity.

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Feature 1
Gain Deeper Insights
Explore real-time outcome measurements by analyzing trends from your clients' daily tracker, monthly well-being surveys, and risk factor inventories.
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Connect more effectively
You can safely offer one-on-one teletherapy via live video conferencing, messaging your clients privately or within a group chat, send and receive personal video messages, and set up a custom forum for your existing and former clients - all HIPAA compliant.
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Feature 3
Find new clients
Through our professional directory, you can help potential clients find you within our three consumer-facing apps (Lift, Turn, Fortify) which have 10's of thousands of users - many of whom are looking for professional help.
Join 10's of thousands of individuals and professionals using RecoverySuite in 155 countries.
Increase Client Support Between Sessions
Our three mobile apps for clients - each focusing on different challenges - give them ability to access an extensive library of educational videos, mindfulness exercises, and encouragement to keep moving forward. They'll also have the ability to track and measure overall progress and access a large community of others from around the world on this same path to lasting healing and recovery.
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3 platforms
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Analyze Outcomes
Access outcomes for each individual client or the aggregate for your entir practice and visualize progress and overall trajectory over time. Our montlhy well-being assessments measure for depression, anxiety, self control, overall compulsivity, sexual compulsivity, discouragement, eating disorders, shame, loneliness, and stress.
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Connect with Teletherapy & Video Messaging
Use our own high definition, HIPAA compliant live teletherapy tool for clients unable to come to your office. You can also send and receive video messages to and from your clients to give reminders, offer encouragement, or answer questions.
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Feature 1
Discover Patterns in
Get immediate notifications when clients report a setback in their daily tracker, as well as discover patterns through aggregated lifestyle and environmental variable correlated with daily victory and setback trends.
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Get New Referrals
Through our Professional Directory, you can help potential clients find you within our three consumer-facing apps (Lift, Turn, Fortify) which have 10's of thousands of users - many of whom are looking for professional help.
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Expand professional
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Expand the Scope of Assessment
Dive deep through comprehensive risk-factor inventories looking at primary contributors to predisposition to depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and sexual compulsivity. Leverage this data to orient individual treatment to resolve and reduce modifiable risk factors for more sustainable healing and recovery.
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Improve Your Outcomes

Join with other professionals using RecoverySuite to enhance your practice and provide additional support.


Users report an 85% decrease in depressive symptoms


Over 90% reported that our apps helped move them toward longer-term change and healing.


Users report an 88% reduction in compulsivity.