Recovery Suite

Recovery Suite is a digital platform that brings together ongoing data from various indicators of client well-being, progress, and overall outcomes. After working with tens of thousands of users from around the world through our client-facing digital health apps (*Climb*—for meaningful personal growth, *Lift*—for depression/anxiety, *Turn*—for chemical dependency, and *Fortify*—for sexual compulsivity), we decided to help professionals by creating a platform where they could safely communicate through HIPAA compliant tools, track progress and outcomes in real-time, and offer support between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does my Recovery Suite subscription include?
By signing up, you'll be able to add any clients you need - aggregating, monitoring and analyzing their progress data over time. This includes basic tracking data (collected on a daily basis), lifestyle/risk-factor data (collected on a weekly basis) and outcome data (collected on a monthly basis). Additionally, you will have access to secure, and client chat - along with a featured listing in our professional directory.
Can I list myself in your professional directory available to app users without subscribing?
Yes, you can.
How is Recovery Suite different than practice management software out there?
Rather than focus on scheduling, billing and other practice management logistics, we are emphasizing elements of practice enhancement most likely to deepen client outcomes. Everything we offer - tracking, data analysis, ongoing client support, and communication assistance - aims for that.
Do Fortify, Turn, Lift, & Climb take a specific philosophical approach?
While our team brings together many different perspectives on this issue, we are united in our commitment to helping people find lasting, sustainable freedom from compulsive-addictive behavior - and more lasting healing from depression/anxiety. A good way to describe our collective approach is that we’re trying to bring together any perspective or strategy that might be helpful in sparking sustainable healing, recovery and change in these areas. This includes mindfulness-based education, basic lifestyle guidance on key risk factors setting people up (or protective factors offering strength), and behavioral strategies to help reduce vulnerability. In all this, we aim to provide gentle, complementary guidance that leaves individuals more encouraged and ready to keep going.
What's your pricing policy after the 30-day trial?
The Recovery Suite subscription price is $50/month per clinician.
Do you offer any special rates for organizations or groups of clinicians?
Yes, on a case, by case basis - this may be possible. Contact info@recoverysuite.com with inquiries.
Am I under a contract obligation with my subscription or can I cancel anytime?
You can cancel anytime. If you paid for a month, that subscription will end at the end of that month period. There are no hidden fine print tricks here. You can cancel by logging into your account and going to billing page in your profile. If you cancel for any reason, coming back is easy. All you need to do is sign back into your account and activate it. And yes, your information will be just as you left it ready to start where you left off.
How do you ensure that my clients' data is protected?
Recovery Suite and any of its associated platforms/apps (Climb, Lift, Turn & Fortify) do not, nor would not, share any personal information – with industry standard data security protections in place. At sign-up, individual users are only required to provide a working email address - with usernames potentially pseudonyms. We also adhere to all HIPPA requirements for the protection of confidentiality for private medical data.
Can I talk with you about any questions I might have about this?
You bet! Send us a note (info@recoverysuite.com). We look forward to hearing from you